Planky's Custom UX/UI Flow provides a simple API to build your own customer UX journey within your Web and Mobile App.

The primary steps to build the customer journey with the API are listed below.

  1. Build the consent screen. The API allows you to build the Consent Screen to show your customers the information that they will be sharing and with whom as well as the period of access for the information.
  2. Get the Bank Flow URL to direct your customers to their bank so they can complete the authorization.
  3. Handle the customer once they are redirected back to your application. The customer will be redirected back to your Web Application once the online banking process is completed successfully or is cancelled along with a proper status message

Please read the overview for each section to understand how to implement API.

Allowed Redirects

Allowed Redirects API is used to whitelist URLs that we can use to redirect customers after they have completed their online banking journey. For security reasons you need to register all the URLs that we are allowed to redirect the customer back.

Build Steps

We have prepared an easy to follow tutorial with six steps to help you build a Custom Web Flow. The first three steps are focused on how to create a new customer and their authentication token. The rest of the steps are about building your customer journey UX (bank list, consent screen descriptions). Finally you will create a bank flow URL to redirect your customer to their online banking provider.


Utils API provides endpoints to get the status of or to delete a bank consent. Planky must have an authorized Bank Consent to be able to pull bank account data.

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