Planky’s API is a simple way to offer Open Banking PSD2 connectivity services and access customer identity, account, transaction and balance data from all integrated banks in the United Kingdom.

Planky’s RESTful API!

Planky’s application programming interface (API) facilitates the connection, processing, and transfer of data. At a high level, an API is a program that takes in some data and gives back some other data, usually after processing it. Planky uses REST architecture which means you can access the API’s resources via a URL and HTTP protocols.

Behind Planky’s API is an analytics engine that converts raw open banking data into readable, user-friendly data. It also uses this data to produce a suite of analytical data such as spending patterns and credit risk scores which can then be retrieved and used in analytical projects. Planky displays data retrieved from the API in a user-friendly dashboard.

Data available

The Planky API allows you to access the following data from connected accounts:

  1. Account: account holder name, account number, IBAN, e-mail address, mobile number, address and other KYC information
  2. Credit card: card network, last four digits, name on card
  3. Transactions: description, amount, category, date and more
  4. Balances: current and historical
  5. Insights: personal (employment, income, salary verification and financial markers), and business (payroll and financial markers)
  6. Forecast: financial credibility score (ability to make credit repayments), liquidity score (solvency forecast for 30, 60 and 90 days), financial balance prediction (for 30, 60 and 90 days)

Additional API features:

  1. WebComponent Javascript URL: integrate securely on the web
  2. Customer Invitations: generate an invitation link or let Planky send an automated invitation e-mail
  3. Transaction categorisation: manually update the categorisation result for a specific group of transactions
  4. Upload your own data: allow Planky to categorise and build analytics for your own internal bank transaction data


We provide connectivity to all major banks in the United Kingdom.

Interact with API

We offer several ways to interact with our API:

  1. Please see our Postman page and the Postman Public Documentation
  2. You can also download OpenAPI Swagger file

Customer Authentication Flow

We offer a ready-made UX flow so customers can easily connect their bank accounts to your application.

  1. Implement our ready-made customer journey on Web-based component, Android or iOS
  2. Fully customise your customer journey for Web-based Apps, Android or iOS

Additionally, we offer a Customer Invitation System available in both the Customer Panel and Invitation API Endpoint so your customers can self-register via the Planky platform.

API Environments

You can run Planky’s API in either sandbox or live production environments. The former allows you to test the API without affecting live customer data or interacting with customer data. The latter should be in place when you begin inviting customers to use Planky.

sandboxUse this environment to test your connection
productionUse this environment for production

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