Introduction to the FriendlyScore platform

FriendlyScore is an analytics platform that facilitates the fast and secure sharing of financial data via Open Banking. It acts as a portal through which customers can authorise data sharing with their bank, so you can access this data, along with a host of additional insights, using a server-based API and Dashboard. A typical interaction with FriendlyScore is as follows:

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    Invite your customers to begin their Open Banking journey

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    Customer agrees to share financial data with you

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    FriendlyScore pulls customer account data from their bank’s API

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    You receive the customer’s bank data via the FriendlyScore API and Dashboard

What you get

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    Comprehensive measures of credit risk and account solvency

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    Bank data and Insights

    Transaction-level data complemented by deep analytics

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    Predictions of key metrics through advanced modelling

Customise your experience

Answer three simple questions and we'll tailor the setup process to match your needs.

1. Where do you want to integrate us?

You will see our guideline for you here but please answer some questions first.

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