Make your first API call with Postman

In this section we will show you how to make your first API call using Postman. If you are not a developer, or have little or no familiarity with APIs then you’re in the right place!


Before we begin interacting with the FriendlyScore API, we need to complete a few setup tasks.

In this tutorial we will be using Postman, an app which allows you send requests to, and receiving responses from the Friendlycore API via a user-friendly dashboard.

Postman comes in both app-based and browser-based versions. This documentation is valid for both, but we recommend downloading the app which overcomes some of the limitations of making API calls from your browser.

While we will be using screenshots from the Postman app in this document, the Postman web interface is virtually identical and you will have no problem following the document if you do choose to use the browser version.

Next, head over to FriendlyScore Postman Documentation

This will take you to the FriendlyScore Postman Documentation API page. Click the Run in Postman button (1) in the top right of the screen and popup (2) will appear. Here you can select whether to use the browser or app-based version of Postman. Select as appropriate.

We recommended that users create a Postman account (or equivalently, log in using your Google Account). If using the browser-based version, you will be automatically prompted to do this. If using the app, you can sign up through the Create Account button in the top right-hand corner of the application window.

If you choose to use Postman without an account (as we do in this tutorial), data will be stored locally and therefore will not be automatically saved in-case of computer failure.

If you are using Postman in the browser, you will be asked to select a Workspace. Simply click on My Workspace to be taken to your main work environment.

A Workspace in Postman is an area where you can begin interacting with APIs and store projects.

After completing any necessary sign-up steps, you will be presented with your Workspace. This is the main working environment of Postman which we will use for all interaction with the FriendlyScore API, as shown below.

If you are using the app and didn’t sign up for a Postman account, instead of a Workspace you will be given a Scratch Pad, which offers the same functionality but will store your data/projects offline, rather than backing them up online.

Notice that FriendlyScore has automatically imported its Production API environment (3) into the Postman Workspace

There are still a couple of things we need to do before we can begin using the API. Click the dropdown bar (4) in the top right of the Workspace and select FriendlyScore Production.

We will be using the Production API environment in this demonstration, rather than the Sandbox.

Next, we need to provide Postman with our API keys to access the Production environment. To do this, make sure you are logged into your FriendlyScore account and head to the Developers section of the dashboard (5) where you will find the Client Id and Client Secret API keys for both sandbox and production API environments.

In turn, we will copy and paste each of the Production Client Id and Client Secret keys into the appropriate location in Postman. Click the copy button next to either key to copy either key (6). Go back to the Postman app and click the eye button in the top right hand corner (7). Paste each key into the appropriate field (8).

Interacting with the API

Now we are ready to begin interacting with the API! In the Postman Workspace, click the FriendlyScore - Production API dropdown (9) to reveal the menu of API requests we can make.

Authenticating API keys

The first thing we will do is authenticate our API keys. This is an important step and must be done before interacting with the API.

Authentication will expire after a period of inactivity, so make sure you re-authenticate if this happens. This is a common troubleshooting step if the API is not responding!

From the dropdown menu, click 1. Authentication, and select POST Returns OAuth 2.0 token (9). This will generate a request to authenticate our API keys. To send the request to the API, click Send (10).

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