Get Accounts




ParameterData typeRequired?Description
customer_idstringyesCustomer ID

Query parameters


Request Body Parameters


Response Body Parameters

ParameterData typeRequired?Description
idstringyesAccount ID
currencystringyesCurrency code (compatible with ISO 4217)
namestringnoThe account name is the name or names of the account owner(s) represented at an account level, as displayed by the ASPSPs online channels. Note, the account name is not the product name or the nickname of the account.
is_authorizedbooleanyesDetermines if Planky is authorized to pull data for this bank account
nicknamestringnoThe nickname of the account, assigned by the account owner in order to provide an additional means of identification of the account.
identificationstringnoIdentification assigned by an institution to identify an account. This identification is known by the account owner.
secondary_identificationstringnoThis is secondary identification of the account, as assigned by the account servicing institution. This can be used by building societies to additionally identify accounts with a roll number (in addition to a sort code and account number combination).
bank_slugstringyesSlug of the associated bank
typestringyesAllowed:(Business, Personal)
sub_typestringyesAllowed:(ChargeCard, CreditCard, CurrentAccount, EMoney, Loan, Mortgage, PrePaidCard, Savings)
numberstringyesAccount number (full Open Banking account number)
sort_code_and_account_numberSort Code and Account NumbernoSort code and account number. Sort code and account number are not null only when the scheme_name is set to UK.OBIE.SortCodeAccountNumber.

Name of the identification scheme. For common Domestic UK identification schemes:

Where "UK.OBIE.SortCodeAccountNumber" is specified as the SchemeName, the Identification field must be populated with the 6 digit Sort Code and 8 digit Account Number (a 14 digit field)

Where "UK.OBIE.IBAN" is specified as the SchemeName, the Identification field must be populated with the full IBAN.

Where "UK.OBIE.PAN" is specified as the SchemeName, the Identification field must be populated with the primary PAN linked to the account.

An ASPSP may choose to mask digits returned in the Identification field.

Sort Code and Account Number

ParameterData typeRequired?Description
sort_codeintyesSort Code
account_numberintyesAccount number

Request example

1 2 3 curl --location --request GET '{customer_id}/accounts' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer {access_token}'

Response example:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 { "data": [ { "id": 1110, "currency": "GBP", "name": "10000000000000", "nickname": "10000000000000", "identification": "10000000000000", "secondary_identification": null, "bank_slug": "fs-demo-bank", "type": "Business", "sub_type": "CurrentAccount", "number": "10000000000000", "sort_code_and_account_number": { "sort_code": "100000", "account_number": "00000000" }, "scheme_name": "UK.OBIE.SortCodeAccountNumber", "is_authorized": true } ] }

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